• Water Heater Installation Decatur IL

    The comfort provided by a water heater is second to none. Warm showers in the middle of a chilly winter may feel better than Christmas. Coincidentally, if your water heater experiences a failure, that Christmas feeling turns into coal in your stockings. Let us be your Santa Claus and install a top-of-the-line water heater into your home.

    Dossett Plumbing specializes in the installation of various types of water heaters.

  • Electric

    Electric water heaters are increasingly popular throughout the U.S. it may not save you as much money as a gas unit, but it is guaranteed safer due to the absence of gasoline. 

  • Gas

    Gas water heaters offer a more efficient flow than electric units and tend to be more durable than electric models.

  • Tankless

    The most recent model and the eco-friendly option, tankless models reduce your heating costs by as much as 50% and over double the lifetime of your traditional water heater. 

  • Dossett Plumbing does repairs, replaces, and installs hot water heaters for your home throughout the Decatur, IL area. We are a company that has been dedicated to this profession for over 20 years and utilize the latest technology (tankless water heaters, for example) and provide incredible attention to detail to ensure a job done right. Whether you want to install a more eco-friendly and cost-efficient model or your water heater is older than 5 years old, we recommend calling your friends at Dossett Plumbing for your water heating services.